The many benefits of tallow

Obviously, animal fat is by far the most bioavailable and natural product on the market. It comes free of any chemicals or fillers (grass fed is best in this situation) and is one of the easiest products to get your hands on. As the concept of farm to table continues to gain momentum acquiring beef fat is easier than ever before. 

Since the farm to table movement entails shopping locally with the least amount of impact on the environment make friends with your local butcher. Your local butcher can be your best friend. Or depending on where you live you can even acquire your own cow from a local farm. This is also entirely dependant on your access to farms and storage situation. Cows are hefty and take up a lot of room.

Since tallow and sebum are both characterized by their high fat content one can speculate that tallow is beneficial to human skin. Amongst the fat content of both tallow and sebum, tallow also contains high levels of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). CLA contains anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Interesting to note is CLA’s ability to also protect against mammary cancer growth

Besides it’s pathology, tallow is also affordable, contains high levels of vitamins A,D,E and K. Not to mention it’s more stable than any other cooking oil and it’s simply pure and natural for all you hippies out there. But would you want to rub it all over your body? Hells yeah!

Role of Sebum 

Let’s talk sebum. Sebum is secreted by your sebaceous glands. It is mainly composed of triglycerides and fatty acids (lipids). What else is made entirely of fats? Tallow. No carbs or proteins, just straight up fat. 

Also important to note is that human sebum contains squalene, esters of glycerol, wax and cholesterol, as well as free cholesterol and fatty acids. Fatty acids and triglycerides make up the bulk of sebum content. Equally important is sebum’s role in photoprotection, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity and delivery of fat-soluble antioxidants to the skin’s surface.

Many products on the market today have too many fillers and not enough natural ingredients. Animal fat is the purest and most natural ingredient on this planet. Nothing compares in terms of availability, affordability and sustainability. Not to mention it is the most raw ingredient you can get.

  • Contains CLA
  • Strong moisturizer
  • Promotes healthy tissue growth
  • Contains Vitamins E,D,K and A
  • No fillers, chemicals, preservatives or additives

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