Product care

Basic Tips

Our products are locally sourced from Alberta and Canada and do not contain any chemicals, preservatives, aluminum or any high toxic elements. We take great pride in knowing that our products are handmade straight form our home to yours. Since our products do not contain any fillers or additives there are some basic tips to make sure your products last longer.

  • Lotions and creams should be stored out of the sunlight and kept in a cool dry space
  • Lotions, creams, salves and soaps are safe to use by anyone in your home but should you experience any rashes or skin irritation please stop using the products immediately
  • Our tallow whipped body butter and lotions can freeze if left in cold temperatures so we advise to not keep these products in your car over the winter; similarly, tallow may melt if left in hot temperatures so we advise to not keep our products in your car over the summer. Cool dry place indoors is best for tallow based products.
  • Our packaging was specifically designed for it’s ability to retain it’s natural properties. The amber glass jars are made to withstand temperature changes minimally but also amber jars are excellent at resisting sunlight rays from damaging the oils. Keep in mind these jars should not be kept directly in the sun but also feel safe knowing that if you do leave them in the sun the jars will not breakdown the composition of the end product.
  • Our soaps should not be left in water containers as they may break down faster than other soaps on the market. Please also note that since tallow is the main ingredient it may leave a reside on your showers or bathtubs. This is absolutely normal and the best method of cleaning any natural bath products is with vinegar only.

Other Tips

Our tallow is natural so if left in the sun exposed to the elements, know that is may spoil. Please be advised that we cannot be held liable or accountable if you do not take these tips into consideration when you purchase our products. Dry and cool temperatures are best for our products.