About Us

Hi, We are Resting Beef Face

Who are we?

We are a family that live in Rural Mountain View County, Alberta with roots going back to the highlands of Poland and the jungles of Vietnam! Yup,  we are as diverse as they come but also know that all things must come from a place of authenticity. This has propelled us to make products that surpass the latest and the greatest of what you can find with all beauty products on the market. We have been advocates of farm to table living most of our lives and strongly believe in making use of all that Gaia provides us. From fostering the natural beauty to advocating for sustainable efforts in farming and how we raise our livestock. We are here to challenge the status quo on beauty products. We want to introduce our clients to see the benefits of using what nature provides in all forms including that of using beef tallow to simplify and enhance your life. By using beef tallow as part of  your skin care regime you will notice how amazing your skin will feel. We aim to showcase how natural and simple using beef based products is for you and your loved ones.

Our Story

The beginning 

Having lived in the prairies of Alberta for over 3 decades we know what life is like for those who tend to our ruminant animals. The ones that provide more than just food for our families. The families that tend to our livestock are essential to our connection to this earth. We know that we need to tend to our livestock with tender loving care and that is why our tallow based products come from local farmers. We take great pride in knowing that our tallow is sourced from local farmers that give their cattle the best in terms of grazing on pasture and a life full of open space. We have always advocated for sustainable farming practices that take into consideration our earth. Our farm to table living is not just a lifestyle but a love affair and our connection to nature and our products showcase that connection.

Love these lotions! Not only are they amazing on the skin but also extremely affordable!
Sarah Doller
Highly recommend for anyone!
James Mallory
Handmade with love. Love these lotions!
Jessica Wheatman